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System administrators, and Persons With Corporate Workstations Can use only the LOG IN AND CREDENTIALS YOU WERE PROVIDED . EFFECTIVE 8/10/18 the ticketing Software  that we use to Schedule our Clients Appointments will No longer Be Supported in Windows XP. after this Date You will Need to Move to A current Supported Operating System : Windows Vista or Windows 7.  our software Will also Work on OSX 10.4.11 and higher . if you are a Linux user , Contact Our Office at 803.710.0098 For support.


  • If you are entering the Site You must Use The Log in Info that was Generated By the System . if you Are Locked out of your account you Will Have to Contact the Support Desk . the Support Desk can be contacted Monday-Thursdays 7:30am until 10:00 am eastern so that we can assist you in unlocking your account . when  you log into your account area be sure that you are clicking the log in areas only once and be sure that you do not click your browsers back buttons .

End users Are Not allowed To use Screen Sharing programs with your clients or Firms at any time. if this happens Your account and any  affiliations with Notary Station Will Be Dismissed and Legal actions Will Be taken against the offender.